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For The Advocate

For The Advocate

I am a retired educator for the City’s Public School System.  For 35 years I enjoyed teaching “my children”.

I think that my experience with children has helped me feel and understand people, young and old.

I am reminded of the old saying “Once A Man, Twice A Child”.  That saying is for men, women, family friends and self.

Here I am over 20 years later hoping to help as many of my family and friends, as they, we, approach our 2nd childhood,  when we really need help.

I thank God daily, sometimes hourly for allowing me to be able to help others.

We cannot do anything about the past. but we can manipulate the here and now and thereby help create our future.

We can also share our problems, solutions, truths, actions that may be able to help someone reading this blog.

Do you remember the old saying, “Misery Loves Company”?  I say that “Sharing Is Comfort”.

Thus this blog,  http://Fortheadvocate.com/blog

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