Senior Advocate-Taking Care Of Others!

My Mother

My mother

You have certainly advocated for an elder person in your lifetime.  Children and elders require the most care and we do for them without even thinking about it.

Didn’t you give a parent good advice about health matters?  Did your elderly next door neighbor need some help one day and you happened to be the one to help her/him?–You’ve been a Senior Advocate!

Do you remember clarifying a letter or notice that an older person did not understand?  Tell us about it.

People of all ages need help.  It is up to the people around them, relatives, friends, spouses, Social Workers or sometimes Lawyers to be their champion, spokesperson, even their defender.

Did you step up to the plate when you were needed? Aren’t you a pro at taking care of others?–You’e been a Senior Advocate.


Are you one of the millions of advocates (caregivers) in this world?