Caretaker Through Life, Advocate-Friends And Family

Advocacy is, or almost always is instinctive.  You do what you have to do when you have to do it.  I raised 3 children, 6 grandchildren I taught elementary school for 35 years.  I was a fierce advocate for each child under my care.

  • I taught, helped, advocated for them through their early years and even now that they are adults.
  • I made decisions for them.
  • I decided the doctor that would treat them,
  • the school they would attend,
  • the religion they practiced. I guided them as to
  • the time they went to bed each night and
  • the time they awoke in the morning.


 Think about it, you are and have been an advocate throughout your life. You just never thought about it.

  • Wasn’t that you that helped a friend  accomplish a personal goal?
  • Didn’t you accompany your children to the doctor when they had an ache?
  • You may have even given someone some personal advice, advising a youngster to stay on the right track.
  • Remember when you cheered a relative, peer or friend on to victory?
  • Promoting independence and self –esteem in our children is a form of advocacy.
  • If you were not at the right place and the right time to advocate for your friends and family, what might have happened? Who knows?

As you go through life, you become an advocate for many others.  Sometimes you don’t even know it, but they do.


What do you think?  What keeps you going? Share your strength!

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